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Other Haunts of Mine

Tales From Electricopolis - My main project. This link goes to my dedicated site for it!

Beginner's Guide to HTML and CSS - Pretty much what it says on the tin. I hope people find it helpful!

spikefetish - a video game aesthetic blog

jackpot! - a roleplay blog for Sega's Bonanza Bros.

rootmars - a Metal Slug page.

hyperdunk - a shrine dedicated to the Drunks from Bubble Bobble/Puzzle Bobble.

Other ways to contact me include:
twitter: @moon__hotel
mastodon: (for when twitter gets to be Too Much)
email: madamluna24 at gmail dot com
discord: moon#2483



chess @ Patreon

Ozzie the Vampire

Others On Neocities

Jonathan's Guides

When I Was a Child in Ferrol, Spain